Tooth decay is the single most common chronic disease among Canadians of all ages. Poor oral health can lead to issues with eating, speech development, and self-esteem. Community water fluoridation is an extremely important public health measure.

Community water fluoridation is recognized as the single most effective public health measure to prevent tooth decay. It reaches all residents in a community regardless of age, socioeconomic status, education, employment, or dental insurance status. Even with other sources of fluoride available today, fluoridated water continues to have an impact on reducing the rates of tooth decay not only in children but adults and seniors as well.

Community water fluoridation is an inexpensive way of improving oral health and reduces dental care expenditures.

Fluoridated water is also safe. After more than 60 years of research, scientific evidence has shown that fluoridation of community water supplies is both safe and effective.

Finally, it is important to remember that good oral health is crucial to one’s overall health. Fluoridation improves a population’s dental health, and as a result, its general health.

Dr. Charles Frank